Webmaster - at job


I work as a webmaster in Kombinet since April 2009. Great atmosphere with others in here powers up the mind and the body:) Working in such a profession, I got it how does all look like both by webmaster and client-side. Furthermore, I have realised that graphic layout isn't really enough to satisfy the customers. Now I turn into honest laugh when remember, that sites only in Flash technology did 'wow' effect to me and my Search Engine Optimization knowledge was limited to the <title> metadata: P


What do I do at the job?

  • writing pieces of code for search engine optimization,
  • taking through PSD to HTML process,
  • few minutes later got irritated on IE, coz it's a big shIEt,
  • ... "Finally it works to the hell (exclamation mark) :P" - surrounds in the room several minutes later,
  • coding jQuery snippets to move all arround on the website frontend,
  • writing content management modules for websites,
  • lately I have even remembered how to construct UML diagrams while doing two huge activity diagrams for the Customer Relationship Management system :D
  • and the last point: at the lunch time running for some yummy food and energy drink,


I must admit that I do my skills beeing better and better by Drupal development and frontend development. Nothing more has ever interested me more than these ones:P

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