Drupal development

CMS, or Content Management System is currently required highly reccomended in managing websites content. There is no matter if it's an open-source CMS or a dedicated system - the idea is the same: updating data, inserting a new content and such things. Thanks to the CMS it is not necessary to know programming or HTML. Creating content pages using the WYSIWYG editors is as simple as creating a document in plain text editor (like MS Word).


Drupal CMS is one of the best open-source CMS. It has won many awards (ie. for two years in a row - 2008 and 2009, Drupal has been chosen as the best open-source CMS in the "Best Open Source PHP CMS" competition.


What can it be used for? The show off is as unlimited as human imagination:

  • company business site,
  • home page,
  • photography portfolio,
  • blog,
  • shop,
  • social networking site,
  • etc.


Building a websites using Drupal CMS significantly reduces both the cost of implementing such a page as well as the subsequent expansion. Beyond the cost of implementation and development of Drupal, there are no hidden charges - Drupal is an open-source system, so there are no license fees.


If you are not convinced, find out why to use Drupal CMS, see the examples of Drupal features, and sample example Drupal-based sites

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