Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What I really do, is grading your site suitable for positioning by doing a SEO audit and further search engine optimization. However, I let the website positioning to the other best people;)

In a short hand - website positioning isn't for me. I'm just the right way to make your website, online shop either any other web product beeing the most suitable fo search engines.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization is a better "readability" for crawlers. However It's just the beggining of the story. While imporoving your SEO, the needs are to pay attention to such things as: semantic correctness of the HTML code or alternate solutions for unrecognizable visual effects by crawlers. Semantic code is required the most by several browsers to display the page in the same, right way.

What does the Search Engine Optimization let you to do?

If SEO is done correctly, you can only raise. However all the progress elements, depends only on the subsequent positioning of the web. Correct Search Engine Optimization allows to:

  • easier positioning by the person / company in profession,
  • get higher positions in organic results,
  • competing in the search results by more popular phrases,
  • achieve a higher rate of PageRank through diversified and better-organized content,
  • increasing availability of information (higher results in search engines and better organization of interesting content could ultimately give you natural links by a community!),
  • increasing the number of visits to the web / online store.

What's inside an audit of the website done by me?

First of all, it does not include the analysis of competing companies. The analysis I do are:

  • code and site structure correctness,
  • logical structure of data and their hierarchy within the pages of the site,
  • page content and keywords in the content,
  • internal linking structure of the page,
  • functionality of the important elements of your site, such as navigation menus (WebUsability),
  • readability of data within the content and blocks on the site,

Positioning myths - ie. optimization of pages with FLASH elements

Flash elements are suitable for search engine optimization too! Crawelers continously learn how scan such pages, because a lot of flash elements does exchange content between the rest of the site, so why not to take an advantage of this progress in search engines:)

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