Frontend development with HEAD.js - JS load optimization

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Shortly speaking: HEAD.js is a JS library similar to well known Modernizr, however it's usage complexity is much easier than the second's one.

What's the matter?

HEAD.js brings three important advantages for frontend developers (however there are more apart of these;):

  • correct HTML5 processing in browser that don't support HTML5 tags,
  • JS load optimization (much better than common JS aggregation, furthermore - HEAD.js-ed files can be cached in browser's cache as well as the typical script linked files),
  • non-CSS3 browsers fallback as the <html> tag additional CSS-class,

W shan't copy the documentation available at HEAD.js, so please visit the original project page, read and process in your websites:)

Common CMS support

HEAD.js has been implemented as:


Hello Junaid,Thanks a lot for sharing this great toaruitl.I am facing an issue when order is placed it is not showing in the Order Grid at Sales->Order listing.Also is it possible to send request to gateway before placing an order? Thanks alot
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