How to simply identify a font used in a text image?

Data dodania wpisu: 25-08-2011

Thousands of fonts, both free and commercial, can simply give a designers a headache. Sometimes we found an exciting font, want to use this in a design, but we don't know the font;) What can we do?

We can use an online tool which offers an ability to identify a font based on an uploaded image. It's available at The only need is to upload a text image with a font used for, or apply an online URL to such an image. The website will identify letters as much as it's possible and assign them to a textfields with a identified char. If a website will recognize a letter, but won't identify it, we can help it by inserting our custom identification char to a textfield.

Remember - the best results will occur, when the font image is at a maximum contrast. We can use DesignEnd logotype as an example:




The script identified most of the chars:



Next is to confirm, and we know, that I've used a free MS font: Tahoma :)



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